A little bit about us...


Bill Buff brings a fun filled background lapping around race tracks across the world in the automotive industry.  A little taste of his past includes being a professional race car coach, defensive driving instructor, car accessories shop owner and avid racer himself, holding unique and innovative patents in the industry. His constant interest in finding a niche in the market and implementing the most innovative product ahead of the game brought Charge Plus to life! Ahead of the curve in the automotive industry with wireless charging capabilities in cars was the initial step to the development of the charging solutions company. 


Mix Bill with Kate Buff; marketing and experiential guru and travel seeker with a constant interest in enhancing consumer experiences wherever she goes makes a great team! Her belief in building experiences for consumers through brands, products, and services brought the marketing integration to the innovative technology developed by Bill. Kate's marketing experience started in New York City where she worked with a variety of clients in the sports, fashion and entertainment indsutries. She has since transpired her dreams integrating experiences beyond New York and believes she can do so with Charge Plus! 


Both leading active, on the go lifestyles helped generate a company that they themselves are consumers for. From the race track to the mountain tops snowboarding, they plan on keeping consumers charged up and connected through all of life’s adventures! Their focus does not end with branded products for consumers, but they are currently expanding to help provide a charge to those impacted during natural disasters when their phones become their life lines. Enhancing an experience for a consumer, putting a smile on their face, saving a potential life with an increase in battery percentage and a “wow” from consumers keeps them expanding their brand every day.