One & Done!

Emergency Cell phone Charger One & Done 
1000Mah charges smartphone up to 35% or gives you 4 hours talk time. Emergency Cell Phone Charger with new patented 2 and 1 connector to fit both Apple AND Android smartphones. One time use Disposable Power Bank. This One and Done Cell Phone Charger is made for those emergency situations when you are on the go and you can not find a mobile charging station or don not have the time to wait.

Product Features: High quality Li Polymer Battery; High capacity 1000Mah; 30 to 35 percent battery power boost; Up to an additional 4 hours of power; Powerful with long shelf life up to 2 years; Precharged disposable cannot be recharged.

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Product features:

High-quality Li-Polymer Battery 

High-capacity 1000mAh

35 to 40% battery power boost 

Up to an additional 4 hours of power! 

Powerful with long shelf life (up to 3+ years ) 

Pre-charged disposable; cannot be recharged

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