Wireless Charge Pad (Executive)

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NEW iPhones can use this Qi Standard wireless charger

Executive Square Charging Pad
Our Qi wireless charging pads are perfect for any iPhone X, 8, 8s, Samsung S6,S7,S8 or Qi wireless charging device & pairs perfectly with our Wireless Cinch Cards for ALL mobile devices.

Our beautiful, well designed charging pad comes with an LED light indicator. It is crafted to give you maximum efficiency and safety. It enables you to charge any of your Qi compatible phones or tablets.

What is Wireless Charging? (inductive charging ) uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. This is usually done with a charging station. Energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device, which can then takes power from the electromagnetic field and converts it back into electric current to charge the battery. The two induction coils in proximity combine to form an electrical transformer. Greater distances between sender and receiver coils can be achieved when the inductive charging system uses resonant inductive coupling.

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