Lexus LX570 Quick Spin

There's plenty to like about Japanese brand's luxury off-roader, except its price and thirst.

Vitals: $140,500 (plus on-road and dealer costs); 5.7-litre V8 petrol; 270kW/530Nm; 8-speed auto; 14.4L/100km; four-wheel drive Why we're driving it The Lexus LX was recently updated with a styling refresh that includes a new bonnet, new front guards, new tailgate and revised bumpers. As well as some new active safety features, the LX picks up a new eight-speed automatic mated to an unchanged V8 engine. What is it? The biggest Lexus produced and a car with Range Rover in its sights. But underneath it shares more with the Toyota LandCruiser than anything from the Japanese luxury brand. The underpinnings and basic body is pure LandCruiser, with lights, bumpers, bonnet, grille and other details separating it visually from the Toyota it's based on. It also gets an engine unique to the Lexus in Australia. What it isn't? A nippy city runabout. The LX570 weighs about 2.7 tonnes and can seat seven people in leather-laced luxury. It's all about getting there in style, and not letting anything stop you along the way. What does it say about me? You want a LandCruiser but you don't want to drive a Toyota. And you're not too worried about using your fair share of premium unleaded. Does it cost too much? That's a tricky one. In isolation, $140k for a well-specified big luxury off-roader with loads of bush-bashing nous isn't bad. The problem is when you compare it with the LandCruiser that uses lots of the same hardware and gets most of the equipment of the LX570. Speaking of which, standard gear includes great leather trim, electric front seats, LED headlights, rear DVD screens (with three sets of headphones), a small fridge in the centre console, four-zone climate control air-conditioning, cameras on every side, tyre pressure warning system and head-up display. There's even a wireless charging pad for Qi-compatible phones (sorry iPhone users, that's not you). There's also a $16,500 "enhancement pack" that brings those 21-inch wheels, heated steering wheel, and cooled and heated front seats and middle row seats.

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