Charge up your iPhone or Android with the best wireless phone chargers

You know what’s missing from all our visions of a futuristic utopia? Wires. You never see anyone fumbling with a cable to plug in an Android phone or iPhone. Everything just magically works. We’re not there yet, but wireless charging technology is improving all the time. Leading the way toward this brave new world are wireless phone chargers. They’re not entirely wireless, because they still have to be plugged into a wall outlet, but they do free you from your nightly plug-in. You can just pop your smartphone on a pad, and know that in the morning it will be good to go.

Before you splash out on a wireless charger, though, make sure that your phone supports it. Loads of phones do now, from the iPhone X and Galaxy S8 to the LG G6. For smartphones that don’t, like the Google Pixel 2, you need to buy a special replacement back or a case that enables wireless charging. You also have to check that the wireless phone charger you choose is the right standard for your device. The most popular right now is Qi, under the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), but there is a rival called Powermat, under the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), which merged with the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) to form the AirFuel Alliance.

Apple recently teased a wireless charging pad of its own, AirPower, which is built with the Qi standard and will allow you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpod earbuds all at the same time, but it’s not launching until 2018. If you’re looking for a wireless charger for your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X, check out the speed test we ran between three popular options.

There are still plenty of alternatives. Here’s a list of the best wireless phone chargers for Android devices and iPhones. Charge Plus can custom Brand or put your favorite picture on the charge pads for a small additional fee just email us the picture or Logo.

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