The power of wireless charging & your brand

Branding is obviously one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. What better way to attract and retain loyal consumers then an image of your company's logo in front of them every single day? The branding of your company will be seen by your customer every night and every morning. 

Though the functionality that mobile devices now offer is impressive and beneficial, it comes at a cost: battery life. Phone batteries cannot keep up with the amount of mobile usage that our personal and work lives require. Many studies concur that battery life is the leading concern of mobile users. Mobile device functionality is constantly increasing, enabling usage and features beyond that of simple phone calls. Cell phones have replaced laptops and desktop computers as the most used devices in terms of Internet browsing, We are all too familiar with the feeling that comes along with the little red battery on screen. The percentage meter drops, and battery anxiety sets in. Charge Plus is on the forefront of this significant change providing your business with opportunities to participate and capitalize on this trend.

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